YouTube TrueView Advertising

TVCs have gone online and will never be the same again!
Compared to traditional video advertising on television, running a YouTube TrueView Ads campaign with O3M means:

  • Your ads will be better targeted then TVCs – from interest and demographic targeting to remarketing to managed placements, YouTube Ads offer a whole host of cutting-edge options to find your audience.
  • Using TrueView bidding on YouTube, only pay when your ad is actually played and seen. Try that with traditional television!
  • You can get started with an investment of as little as Rs. 10,000 without any long term contracts or commitments.

If you are looking for non-skippable ads sold on a reservation contact just let us know and we’ll work with our YouTube contacts to plan, negotiate, and deliver an effective campaign on behalf of you.

Whether you are looking to bring your TVCs online for a large-scale campaign or simply looking to promote your business via video in a smaller manner, contact o3m-white-logo for more details on why YouTube Ads work.