Amazon Sponsored Ads, SEO and Catalogue Management

  • With over 20,000,000+ products and 25,000+ sellers, making your products stand out from the crowd can be a challenge. Additionally, if you aren’t in the “Buy Box” or new to selling on Amazon it can be hard for searches to discover your products. This is where O3M comes in.

Grow with Amazon Ads and Achieve Your eCommerce Business Goal

As an Amazon Service Partner Network Agency, O3M has the training, tools, and resources to amplify the results of your Amazon efforts. Growing by the day, our Amazon services include:

Improve your visibility to product searches by investing in Sponsored Product Ads. With Sponsored Product Ads we promote your products based on precisely targeted searches. These searches are based on your historical data and business logic, market trends, and our experience with similar Sellers in your industry. You will appear alongside the organic results and only pay when a user actually clicks your ads. Whether looking to clear excess inventory, promote a new product, or simply sell more, Product Ads with O3M is the way to go.

While most Amazon Sellers only focus on ACOS, some of our clients also consider their longer term branding and Amazon has the perfect solution for that. With Amazon’s Display Advertising (Brand Ads) suite of products we work with you to build brand awareness and recall to a tightly defined audience on Amazon.

Amazon Search Engine Optimisation /
Product Listing Optimisation

In a dream world, simply listing your products on Amazon would result in first place rankings. If it were only that easy… Alas, achieving top rankings on Amazon is the result of time, effort, and commitment. With our PLO (product listing optimization) services we identify top search queries and then tailor your text and images towards capturing them. On a more advanced level, we also work with you to understand and define the optimal product variant approach. Additionally, as a consultant, we help you nurture your happy customers and solicit positive reviews from them.

Having trouble listing your products on Amazon? Do you need high quality photography to stand out from the crowd? Troubled by Amazon and offline inventory not syncing? Contact us to learn more about our Amazon cataloguing and management services.