Facebook Ads Campaign Management

Do you have a strong vision of who your target market is?
For example, are they 18-34 year olds in Bangalore who work at TCS? Are they 35+ married women who like luxury products and frequently travel? If you have an audience in mind, Facebook Ads are a great way to reach them.

Working hand in hand with organic social media marketing campaigns, Facebook Ads provide a precise way to find, engage, and connect with your audience online. From simply building your audience base to generating website conversions to amplifying your brand’s voice, O3M will understand your needs and then suggest, run, and optimize the right Facebook Ads for you. Currently, our Facebook Ad support includes:

  • Website Conversions and Website Clicks: Drives social traffic to your website.
  • Lead Generation: Generate leads for your sales team to follow up on.
  • Page Post Engagement: Ensure that your audience, existing or new, is seeing and engaging with your posts.
  • Offer Claims: Create an attractive offer and enable Facebook users to redeem it in store or online.
  • Video Views: Showcase your video creative or TVC to a demographically defined audience.
  • Event Responses: Drive traffic from Facebook to your next event, party, activity, or conference.
  • Page Likes: Build your Likes count with a targeted likes campaign.
  • App Installs and App Engagement: Increase your app download count or ensure existing users are getting the most from your app.
  • Local Awareness: Let your neighbors know your company has arrived.
  • Product Catalog Promotion: Drive eCommerce sales with inventory and behavior aware ads.
  • Brand Awareness: Increase brand recall amongst your target market.

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