Google Display (Banner) Ads

Promote your brand, product, or service across websites, apps, and audiences by leveraging the power of the Google AdWords Display Network. With display campaigns your analyst will carefully and expertly bid on ad slots around the web. From building your brand by appearing on top, reputable news sites to driving eCommerce sales with placements on marketplaces, the Display network has placements for all types of advertisers.
The Google Display network includes placements on a whole host of websites and apps. Targeting methods include:
  • Managed placements on select websites and apps.
  • Keyword and topic placements to cast a wide net across the web.
  • Affinity and in-market audience placements that promote to your defined audience, wherever they may be.
  • Remarketing to showcase your message to previous visitors to your website.
The best part? Even though a visitor simply seeing your ads provides tremendous value, you are only charged when a user actually clicks your ad. Say good-bye to paying for only visibility and say hello to performance display marketing.

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