Video Advertising

Are you currently running a traditional TV commercial advertising campaign?
Ask the network or your agency:

  • What % of viewers watched 100% of your ad?
  • What channel viewers were watching before flipping to your ad?
  • How many viewers, after watching your ad, visited your website?
  • Can I only show my ad once to unique viewers in Coimbatore but 5 times to unique viewers in Chennai?
  • Can I not pay if a user doesn’t actually watch my ad?
  • If the campaign isn’t working, can I pause it right now, review the data, and show a different video to an entirely different audience?
Of course, the answer to all of the above questions is a resounding “No!” Traditional TV advertising doesn’t come close to the measuring, targeting, optimization, and reporting ability found in online video advertising.
With digital video advertising, smart marketers leverage a blend of geographic, demographic, content, interest, and affinity targeting to get the most out of their advertising investment. Digital video ads connect marketers with users across websites, devices, and apps.

O3M is proud to offer a range of digital video advertising solutions. Our digital video marketing agency services include:

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