SEO Services: Consultation and Guidelines for Small & Medium Scale Businesses.

What is SEO? 

Before knowing how to gain more traffic with SEO services, it is imperative to know what SEO is. Only then, you will be able to realize what type of SEO services you would require for your website to gain more traffic. SEO is the abbreviation for search engine optimization. When you start a website, you would make sure that it has the details of the services which you do, so that people who require those services would contact you. This will result in more business for you. The tricky question is what can be done to make your website visible to customers, especially when there are millions of other websites. This is where SEO services come into picture.

Why is SEO important?

SEO services play a very big role in making your websites, blogs to get displayed higher in terms of rankings. And, SEO services are very cost-effective compared to PPC.



Effective strategies for your SEO campaign:

We, O3M Directional Marketing Pvt. Ltd., have a huge pool of Google certified SEO experts who follow the following SEO services to effectively increase your website rankings.

  • On-Page Optimization.
  • Off-Page Optimization.

On -Page Optimization:

As the name would suggest, On-Page Optimization is about directly optimizing the page of a website with regards to content, text, name and Meta tags. This is one of the important SEO services that play a major role in website rankings. Under on page optimization, the following SEO services are offered.

  • Website Architecture Optimization,
  • Keyword Targeting and
  • Content Analysis.




1) Website Architecture Optimization:

When it comes to SEO services, many companies overlook the way a webpage is organized. For a user, a website, no matter how informative and useful it could be to the viewers, it might not justify its value if the website has no proper structure. When a viewer visits your page, he or she would expect the site to be properly structured with good navigation for the inner pages, readable font size, page speed, etc. so that they would find it easy to get what they’re looking for. In the same way, Google and other search engines also consider these parameters from a viewer’s point of view and rank your pages accordingly. We, at O3M directional marketing private limited, will do a detailed analysis of your webpage to make it look structured in such a way that it would look very simple and easily accessible from a viewer’s point of view.


2) Keyword Targeting:

It is very pivotal to do the research to find the relevant keywords for the services a webpage offers. Many companies that offer SEO services will make sure that research is mainly done on this aspect as to know the keywords that can be targeted. The target keywords are the keywords that a searcher would be using to find their required information. These keywords have to be based on the services and the information that a page offers and should be optimized according to the way a searcher would type.







3) Content Analysis:

Nowadays, the competition on internet for web page rankings is ever-increasing. So, Google and other search engines like Bing have stopped giving importance to the quantity of keywords and has started analyzing the content as a whole to see how much useful it is to the people who browse the page. Content analysis is about analyzing if the content is unique, valuable to the user and more importantly should not make a user go back from that page immediately after getting in.

Off-Page Optimization:

As much as Google and other search engines give importance to the on-page optimization, SEO services do not end there. It is also about the off-page optimization that has to be done to make sure that your webpage stands a better chance of achieving higher rankings in terms of search results. Off-page optimization is all about link building which is one of the key factors that help a web page rank high in terms of search results.

Link building:

Link building is all about building a page with links that would direct a user to external pages from the current page. Google and other search engines consider quality links as an important parameter for high website rankings. Why is this given such importance? The answer is a simple one. When you add quality back links that would give users additional and detailed information about what they are looking for, search engines will consider your webpage as very valuable and ultimately will give your page higher rankings. Hence, it is not only about giving users what they require, but is also about helping them with more choices to get what they are looking for. The search engines will also identify fake links (links that have been used just to redirect the users to the same website).

Nowadays, many companies offer SEO services without realizing the impact that could be made on a webpage or blog. The common mistake that happens with most companies that offer SEO services is, they just follow the Black Hat technique (keyword stuffing). This might make a content key-word rich but will affect the quality of the content thereby affecting its ranking in search results. We, at O3M Directional Marketing Private Limited, have Google certified SEO experts who have the expertise and experience to make sure that your page has the right links and information to make it stand apart from competitive websites with unique, fresh and valuable content.

O3M Directional Marketing Private Limited will help you in running an effective SEO campaign with its huge amount of experience of having successfully worked for many reputed clients. We provide transparent SEO services that will let you know in detail on what is offered from our group of Google certified SEO experts.

An overview of the SEO services offered by O3M directional marketing private limited:



We, at O3M, before starting the SEO optimization, will spend loads of time with the research and planning that have to be done for your website or blog to know where it stands and what it lacks compared to its competitors. After all, we need to understand what your business is, only then we can make you get satisfied with our SEO services. We will do a detailed research to carefully understand your business, competitors and objectives. And, with O3M directional marketing private limited, customer satisfaction is guaranteed. We have been the privileged winners of Google’s Highest Customer Satisfaction Award not once or twice but for the past 4 years (2014-2017).


We offer a range of SEO services that have been discussed in detail in the beginning of this blog. But, apart from those SEO services, we also make sure that your webpage is updated regularly with mobile-friendly updates, page speed insights core improvement, etc.


This is done to build a web of authoritative, meaningful, ethical links pointing at your site.


We provide the following reports to you to let you have a detailed picture about our SEO services.

  • Ranking reports
  • Activity reports
  • Competitor ranking reports
  • Custom Google Analytics dashboard

For you to know more in detail about the SEO services we offer, get in touch with us at +91-4217 8435, +91-44-4266 6095.

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