Flipkart Brand Ads

The Flipkart advertising platform is growing by the day and continually providing new advertising opportunities for smart marketers across devices. Originally designed “just” for Sellers to promote their products, the FlipKart advertising suite has grown to include:
  • Brand Stories: Maximum placement on the Flipkart home page or category pages related to your business. Flipkart Brand Story Ads are a high powered ad unit which can be used to either drive traffic to your Seller page, product page, or even your own website. You can even send traffic to a custom-landing page hosted on Flipkart.
  • Homepage, category page, and right hand side widgets: If you are looking for serious visibility of your business on Flipkart, consider this interesting ad unit. Your ads will appear alongside popular products and brands when the audience you need visit the category pages related to you.
  • The Flipkart Advertising Network enables you to target Flipkart users wherever they are around the web and when they are in other apps. Leverage the power of Flipkart’s combined powerful demographic, behavioral, and placement target with the Flipkart Advertising Network.
  • Flipkart Product Ads: Tradition PLA Shopping style ads for Flipkart Sellers.
Flipkart ads generally run on a daily or CPM reservation basis. Book your slot today before it is too late!

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